1. Why Choose MEA Piano Studio?

Brand New Students Are Welcome

Whether you are new to the whole piano "thing" or just the parent of a beginner or advanced student, the studio is a welcoming place. Feel to ask questions about practice expectations or about what kind of instrument to purchase.

Extended Hours

Families today are busy. The studio offers extended hours for families that need to fit piano into a busy schedule soccer games, dance lessons, and swimming practice. The studio offers piano lessons before school for those brave enough for the challenge. For others, lessons are also available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Keyboards and Digital Pianos Are Okay

The studio accepts students with keyboards. Although a keyboard is not the best musical instrument it is sufficient for the first six months to one year of piano lessons. Digital pianos are a great alternative to acoustic pianos and any model will do. An acoustic piano is not  required.

Professional Office Location

Piano lessons take place in a professional office building. The studio is located just off Franconia Road, on Old Franconia Rd, in Alexandria, Va. MEA Piano Studio Pictures:
Exterior Building Image of MEA Piano Studio. Waiting Room Entrance of MEA Piano Studio.

Relaxed Environment

Piano lessons should be fun. There is absolutely no reason why lessons should be a stressful experience, even for serious pianists. At this studio lessons are kept light and fun. Students often get to choose the pieces they want to learn and practice. And students learn real music from real composers, not method books.

A Degreed, Full-time Piano Instructor

The owner and instructor has a degree in Music Composition from Radford University (a really great, small, and walkable school near Virginia Tech). She is a full-time piano instructor. And teaching piano is her only job.

Plenty of Parking Spaces

A huge benefit of having a professional location. Parents don't have to fight for a parking space. There's plenty of room and the parking lot is not crammed full of spaces. It's easy to get in. And not impossible to get out.

Comfortable Waiting Area

The entire family is welcome to sit and relax in the waiting area during a student's lesson. There are books for adults and kids. And there are, of course, toys to play with.

Anyone and Everyone

Beginners and preschool students are welcome. As are advanced students and adults. Any level and any age. Basically anyone who wants to learn the piano is welcome at the studio.

2. Location Information for MEA Piano Studio

Northern Virginia and Traffic

As everyone knows, driving in Northern Virginia can be a huge hassle. In general, the area around the studio is not too bad though that changes significantly depending on where one is traveling from.

Nearby Landmarks

The studio is near the Franconia DMV along the same side of the street. It is across the street CVS. The studio is located just past the train tracks near Fleet Drive in the office complex.

Where Piano Lessons Take Place

Though the studio is technically located in Alexandria, Virginia it is located in the area known as Franconia. The studio sits on the border between Springfield and Alexandria along Old Franconia Rd.

Less than Five Minutes From...

The studio is less than five minutes from the Springfield Mall. It is less than five minutes from the Springfield Interchange where 495, 395, and 95 meet. It is less than five minutes away from the Franconia-Springfield Parkway and Metro Station. And, it is less than five minutes away from the Fairfax County Parkway.

How to Find MEA Piano Studio

The studio is located in the office park not the townhomes. It is on the very back side. If you're on the correct side, you should be able to see Franconia Rd. The studio is on the first floor. And there is no sign.

Nearby Schools

Little Acorn Patch (Kingstowne), Forestdale Elementary School, Franconia Elementary School, Lane Elementary School, Springfield Estates Elementary School, Rose Hill Elementary School, Calvary Road Christian School, Chesterbrook Academy, Christian Center School, Key Middle School, Edison High School, Lee High School, and The Howard Gardner School.

3. Lessons at MEA Piano Studio

Student Age

The studio teaches from age four to adult. For younger students parental support is needed at home. A musical background, though helpful, is not needed. Just simply sitting in on a student's practice or lesson helps tremendously as does regular practice.

Yearly Recital

The studio has a yearly recital each June at Green Hedges School in Vienna, Va. The recitals are fun and students choose what the want to perform. Several students play trios and duets. And of course, there is the Awards Ceremony!

Lesson Length

Lessons are 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the student. Very young students normally start with only fifteen minute lessons. Older or advanced students have sixty minute lessons. Most students begin with thirty minute lessons and gradually expand to 60 minutes.

Performance Opportunities

There are many performance opportunities through out the year for students of all ages and levels. These events are all non-competitive, encouraging, and fun.

Lesson Materials

Beginners usually start by learning songs by rote as they build up their reading skills and technique. After this period, usually 6-12 months, students usually decide what pieces they want to learn at their lessons. A great deal of guidance is given to help students make their choices.

Performance Locations

Fairfax - Jazz-Blues Festival, Springfield - Spring Festival, Springfield - Sonatina Festival, Alexandria - Guild Auditions, Vienna - Piano Exams, Fairfax County & NOVA - Area Recitals, Your home in Va - Home Recitals, and Alexandria - Group Performance Classes

4. Register With MEA Piano Studio

Ready Now?

If you are ready to begin piano lessons then please contact the studio to schedule a free kids trial piano lesson.

Have Questions?

Not a problem. Ask all of them, whether one, two, or twenty, at your trial lesson.

Not Sure if You're Ready...

If you are unsure about beginning piano lessons then you have nothing to lose by scheduling a free kids trial piano lesson.

What to Bring

Complete beginners should just bring themselves. Transfer students should bring their most recent books and, if possible, prepare a piece for me to hear.

No Worries!

The studio accepts all students at all levels of piano. And there are no long term commitments.

Please Note

Lessons are first come, first served as there is only one piano instructor. Contact the studio today to get the perfect time slot that fits your schedule.

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